Our breeding of Australian shepherd (or aussies) is in Isère (France),we are in plain but surrounded by mountains. We're between Lyon and Grenoble 

We have 17 dogs at home, they live outside (picture) but they can all come in the home, one after one (we can have in the same time with us 2 or 3 dogs and never the same)

kennel crystal lake

The dogs love to play in the fields around home, they travel frequently and they practice some agilty at home.
We don't have club near to us

aussies and kids aussies and horses aussies and water

We have also a horse and the dogs can go with her...She's very nice with them. 
You can see on this website pictures of our boys, girls, next stars and all the babies (cf previous litter).
There are often news like you can follow our results in shows, evolution of the puppies,...
And you can also see other pages like the standard, grooming, activities,... 

All our dogs are tested for the hips and the elbows and now we do the DNA tests (for us a serious breeder need to do these tests..



The aussie is a very fantastic dog who loves his family and especially the childrens.
But during the 1st year, you need to impose your rules in your home, he can't do what he wants.

We hope that you will like our website, our dogs,...